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Cork is known for its wonderful features hence perfect for flooring, sound proofing and use in wine bottles. With the release of pressure exerted, the floor recoils back to the original shape instantly leaving no lasting mark. So, next time you spill something to a cork floor, do not worry but simply wipe it up and the mess is cleared. However, with the rest of flooring like a carpet, heavy furniture will leave a mark when the furniture is removed. Some people may have the experience of cork used in wine bottle breaking off into wine.

What is cork strength to water?

Cork contains a natural substance called Sobering that is waxy. Henceforth, cork flooring is your best option if you want to replace your floor. If you find yourself not comfortable with what you are seeing and walking on, then cork flooring is your correct solution. The substance makes cork impervious to fluids hence cork will not rot if it is exposed to water or fluids. Cork is the right seal around; this is evidenced by the use of cork to stop wine bottles. When you happen to stand on cork floor with heel shoes, the floor will develop a dent.

The answer is a big yes! In fact, cork is among the strongest flooring options present in the market today.

But before then, what is cork flooring?

The use of cork stretches to thousands years ago, while it has been used for different purposes, use of cork for flooring cannot be left out. As a result, cork stands out to be used in very harsh flooring conditions. Your house may also have hardwood floors full of scratches and dents or linoleum that is peeling up at the edges and has rips and tears. It has an incredible resistant and really robust to pressure. This makes an excellent property if you are that person who is clumsy or you have little children. Therefore, soundproofing floors are a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. 


. However, cork floor is different, no mark will be left. If this is your experience, I know you doubt if cork is strong enough for a flooring option. A bad floor lowers the value and appearance of your home. 

No matter the type of floor in your house.

Throwing heavy items or dropping heavy materials on the floor, they are prone to crack or break. It is less affected by friction than hardwood, laminate and tile flooring.

A carpet gets matted and Computer stand wears out with time. 

What is the durability of cork?

Thinking about cork durability, many people recall wine corks or small cork plugs that are commonly used to plug bottles of different kinds

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